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Weifang Zhongyi Automobile Fittings Co.,ltd.
is a specialized automobile parts factory,which produces for heavy-duty vehicles,high motor fix fuel tank and backboard press parts .It is located in NO.7001 Yuqing west street Weicheng development zone Weifang Shandong,Jiaoji railway and Jiqing highway pass through east west south north, the traffic is convenient.It has over 20 years development history.
  Now the company fixed assets reach one hundred million yuan RMB,the company owns 365 employees, among them 53 professional technicians,and it is private stock system limited company. The comany occupies area of 104,000 m2,building area of 45,000m2.The company products divide into fuel tank and parts,the automobile backboard presses products, automobile door frame and automobile using electron four big classes.Produce structure divide into metal board flat workshop, fuel tank workshop and automobile backboard workshop, oil amount sensor workshop , fuel tank lock cover workshop , mould processing workshop , spray paint workshop, electroplate workshop ,etc.
  The company has 1 double-drive oil compressor of 1030 tons.1 double-drive oil compressor of 800 tons, 2 double-drive oil compressor of 650 tons, 2 double-drive oil compressor of 630 tons, 1 wide surface oil compressor of 315 tons,1 pressure machine of 400 tons,2 pressure machine of 250 tons, dozens of punch of 5-100 tons,2 automobile special using rolling mills,1 high frequency welding machine of 100KW ,over 10 of 75KW --150KW welder, 5 welding machine of aluminium alloy stainless steel fuel tank , 1 metal rolls board flat line, 1 numerical control plasma cutting machine, 2 machining center, 1 three coordinate measuring apparatus .The products of company have 5 series 130 kinds .Fuel tank products divide into drawing type, square type , round type. It can divide into cold pitch stencil, electroplate stencil , aluminium alloy ,stainless steel kinds according to material.It can divide into fuel tank and hydraulic pressure fuel tank according to using. The cubage rises from 80 to 700 liter, length is from 300 to 2200.Large backboard drawing products have Steyr Extending top board of cab (2100*1664), Steyr increasing top of cab (1421*2087 ) , Steyr engine hood , Benz enclosing bar board (400*200) , military vehicle bumper ,etc. Among them the fuel tank lock cover and Steyr engine hood 12 kinds products won the national patent , and many kinds of products instead of the import. Among them patent product Steyr 380L fuel tank obtained many honorary titles ,such as" 1994 China fair of Inventions and New Technologies gold medal, " country five departments award jointly the " national new product prize " "Shangdong spark second prize " , " prestige enterprise AAA in the province ",etc. In 2002,because of the remarkable achievements, the company passed the quality management system authentication (ISO9001 : 2000 ), the company was chosen as " Shandong new high-tech enterprise " , " Shandong star enterprise of China patent " , " Shandong Excellent Private Enterprise " , " Weifang Top Hundred Private Enterprise " " Weifang Inspection-Free Enterprise ", " Weicheng District Top 20 Private Enterprise " . Chen Zuguang, President of company has won many honorary titles,such as " enrich people revitalize Wei " labor medal , " 1995-2000 professional technique top talent ", " enrich people revitalize Lu " , " the ninth Party representative of Weifang ", " glorious star " , " district Excellent Communist " ,etc..
   The company improves the products quality further around market demand in recent years,fasten the product development ,promote the company whole power,during the company strengthening scientific management, make sure to do the man full man,while making the best use of everything.And it has already the former technical center and newly-built large-scale mould center ,new prducts making center and advanced hardware and software facility. Trial-produce the products of Steyr engine hood,middle -heavy fuel tank lock cover and aluminium alloy fuel tank. It settles good foundation for hypernormal great-leap-forward development of the company.
  For many years, under the support of old and new friends various circles society,the company insists on the goal of " strengthening the management, opening up market, producingselling develops , high-quality efficient ". We catch the historical chance of our country economy high speed growing to adjust product structure actively. We possess independent development, develop and working ability, can produce the different spare parts of professional automobile . Up to now, the company products have entered 14 provinces factory,such as Beijing , Tianjin , Chongqing , Shandong , Shaanxi , Shanxi , Anhui , Neimeng and Three provinces Of Northeast,etc.
  It forms a complete set for China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Co., Ltd. Shaanxi Automible Group Co.,Ltd, Chuanqi Hongyan,North-Benz Heavy Duty Truck Co.,Ltd,Shanghai Huizhong Automotive Manufacturing Co., Ltd.,Dandong Huanghai,Anhui Ankai,Xiamen Golden Dragon Van Co. Ltd ,Guilin Dayu,Yiqi Qingdao,Beiqi Futian Automobile Co.,Ltd,Yantai Benz ,etc. And it is chosen as " excellent supplier ", " excellent relate producer "by many factories . With the widenning of company's business, our company made cooperation with Japan Xinminghe Automible company in 2004.At the same time we make the relation with American General Motors Corporation and Italian BINOTTO Company in the smooth and friendly .
  Chen Zuguang , President of company with the staff welcome old and new friends of all circles to come and guide heartily, connive to develop property together.We will make great contribution to improve our country automobile overall level.
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